NEO-TANTRA SACRED SPIRITUAL BODYWORK — What Happens in A Tantric Massage Session?


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NEO-Tantra Sacred Spiritual Bodywork Neo-Tantra Sacred Spiritual Bodywork a blog written by Aleena Aspley Somatic Sex Educator located in Brisbane Queensland Australia. WHAT IS NEO TANTRA? NEO Tantra, also known as “New Age” or “Neo-Tantra,” is a modern interpretation of … Continue reading

DOES THE VAGINA HAVE TASTE BUDS? — My Spaghetti Bolognese Analogy


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Female Sex Drive Libido   Female Sex Drive Libido my analogy about the female sex drive and loss of interest in sex in a committed relationship by CSB Aleena Aspley 21-Feb-2019. . . DOES THE VAGINA HAVE TASTE BUDS?. . … Continue reading