Yoni Awakening Vaginal Mapping 

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Yoni Whisperer Bodywork



An intimate hands-on session of Heart Connection Kinkassage® relaxation, Yoni Bodywork, Vaginal Mapping and Shamanic Pelvic Floor Release Bodywork is the first step in awakening your feminine sexual being.

During your Yoni Awakening, Vaginal Mapping & Holistic Pelvic Release Bodywork session, you will truly feel your body as it is being relaxed and touched intimately, to be in the present moment, aware, stimulated and truly alive.


Your Somatic Yoni Awakening Vaginal Mapping Bodywork session, by Kinkassage®, is a ritual of profound relaxation and the opportunity to awaken the sensual kundalini (sexual) energy, at the base of your female spine.

With expert guidance, one of our Yoni Whisperer Bodywork professionals will coach you to relax using breathe, sound, presence and intention. As your personalized session continues, your body may start to tingle as your feminine kundalini sexual energy begins to flow through your entire body.

Yoni Awakening Vaginal Mapping 

Throughout your Yoni Awakening Vaginal Mapping Bodywork session, you are given time to feel your body being slowly explored and relaxed SAFELY without goals. A sacred, safe space is created in which your female body can surrender to touch, release stress and feel more alive while staying fully present and in the moment.



Your session begins with a chat, and a beverage, to discuss any issues that you are facing in your personal life. We will discuss several different topics around your sex life, experiencing orgasm, feeling comfortable in your own body, your hormone health, lubrication, if you have experienced sexual abuse or vaginal trauma, vaginal pain from genital scars caused by a medical procedure, vaginal scarring from giving birth, your libido, your ability to let go and surrender during sex or if you have unprocessed injuries which cause Yoni pain, dryness and tension. Any one of these issues can hinder your female ability to experience bliss, pleasure and orgasm in your sex life.

After our chat, about your sexual health, we will chat about the intention of your Yoni Whisperer Awakening Bodywork session. We will discuss safety, holding space and boundaries, I will then ask you to go to the toilet and I will invite you to disrobe and lay face down on my massage table. It is entirely up to you, as to whether you wished to be draped with a sarong during your intimate session, or if you feel comfortable being completely naked in my female presence.

Your Yoni Awakening Vaginal Mapping Bodywork session, will begin face down on my massage table, we will place my hands on your heart and base chakra’s, staying open and still, while caring and calming energy flows from my hands and into your body. We will coach you with guided breathing and relaxation Shamanic, Tantric & Taoist principles.

Your COMFORT and sense of SAFETY is of utmost importance to me and starting face down is a very safe and nurturing position. Your session will go at the speed which you are most comfortable, your session will be un-rushed and you will need to allow three hours on your first appointment.

During your Yoni Awakening Vaginal Mapping Bodywork session, your breathing will slow into deep belly breaths as your body becomes more and more relaxed. Our intuition and experience, will guide our hands, as we tune into your body’s luminous energy. We will coach you to breathe deeply and assist you to connect with your circular breath, (in through nose, out through mouth) and flow of energy within your body. Our touch is gentle and relaxing, responding to your subtle body’s imbalances and emotional needs, as well as deeper with emphasis on the physical body and relief of muscle tension.


Hugs focus on how you feel

During the second half of your Yoni Awakening Vaginal Mapping Bodywork session, we will ask you to slowly, turn over, face up. We will then gently place our hands gently over your heart and lower chakra’s and ask you to breathe and focus on how you feel.

At this stage you could feel blissful, happy, sad, mad, joyous, a wide range of feelings, your mind may wander or think this is silly. We will ask you to give yourself permission to feel what is coming up and to allow yourself to experience these feelings. We will then coach you to breathe, relax and release any negative feelings out into the universe.

When it feels appropriate, we will begin to awaken your upper body with a slow and gentle touch. The breasts are the seat to the Goddess’ sexuality so this is an appropriate place to start. The key here is to stay present to the feeling and not go into fantasy. Imagine that you have never been touched before and simply feel what it feels like receive this slow, gentle and relaxing touch. Your entire upper body, breasts, belly, hips, inner thighs and legs will be awakened slowly and explored as you continue to breathe. After making sure you are comfortable on your back and feeling safe and connected, your session will gradually flow into external vulva bodywork with organic coconut oil. Your Yoni health is important to us and we wear vinyl gloves, when we give intimate female genital bodywork.


Yoni Awakening Vaginal Mapping


Your Yoni Awakening Vaginal Mapping Bodywork session will go one second at a time, one touch at a time. You will be encouraged to let us know how you are feeling. Often when an intense pleasure or emotion surfaces, we hold our breath. This shuts off our resources and makes it more difficult to move our body’s energy, so if this happens we will gently remind you to continue taking deep breaths. relax, surrender into the moment, and enjoy receiving my caring touch.

It is important to relax the female genitals completely before any internal Yoni bodywork. We will ask permission before entering your Yoni, and one step at a time, starting at the entrance of your vagina, we will begin your intimate holistic bodywork session / massage.

As your intimate Yoni Awakening Vaginal Mapping Bodywork session progresses, you may feel many emotions, thoughts and feelings, many women start to cry, and we will ask you to put your hand on your heart and if you want, we will ask you to express verbally what you are feeling. We will remind you to continue breathing slowly and release the tension. This is the secret of Yoni Whisperer Awakening Bodywork, and the reason this type of intimate holistic therapy is very important, to dissolve trauma and to awaken bliss and pleasure, when you are masturbating solo, or having a sexual connection with another human.

Slowly, your Yoni Awakening Vaginal Mapping Bodywork session comes to a close, you will be given time to come back and bask in the wonderful energy that has been created. You will be comforted with light gentle touch all over your body, wrapped in the warm blanket, and allowed to relax and return to the present.

chat about your experience

After your Yoni Awakening Bodywork session, we will give you a glass of water and it is now a good time, to have a chat about your experience and how you are feeling.

Before you leave, we will discuss with you some home embodiment practices, that you can do at home, to further initiate your female body to open to more bliss and orgasmic pleasure.

We recommend at least THREE sessions, of Yoni Awakening Vaginal Mapping Bodywork, to fully receive the healing benefits and pelvic sensual awakening of this specialized feminine bodywork session.




  • Session 1, Two Hours+ $400
  • Session 2, Two Hours+ $400
  • Session 3, Two Hours+ $400
  • Book & pay in advance for 3 sessions $900 (Save $300)




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