Yoni Orgasmic Mapping Bodywork

Yoni Orgasmic Mapping Bodywork to awaken to multiple luminous energy orgasms




The MultiOrgasmic Women

Yoni Whisperer Orgasmic Mapping Bodywork, by Kinkassage®, is a session designed for women who have completed three Yoni Awakening Bodywork sessions.

“Yoni Whisperer Orgasmic Mapping Bodywork, is a female bodywork technique, which I have developed and refined over the past 8 years.” (Aleena Aspley)

A Yoni Orgasmic Mapping session, is a sensual, intimate bodywork session designed to open your female body into sublime pleasure and Luminous Energy Orgasms. A Luminous Energy Orgasm, is an orgasm that flows from one orgasm, into another orgasm. (Multi-Orgasmic)

Because of the media’s focus on the clitoris, many women’s orgasms are strictly clitoris focused. A Yoni Orgasmic Mapping session, offers a woman the opportunity experience many other different types of vaginal and full-body orgasms.

It is very important for a woman to feel completely relaxed, and able to surrender, while laying on our massage table. It is our hope that, after three Yoni Awakening Bodywork sessions have been completed, that you will be able to fully let go, forget about your day, and feel pleasure in different parts of your vagina and body, pleasure that you may have never felt or experienced before!

A Yoni Orgasmic Mapping Session explores yoni and vaginal stimulation and awakening of the U-Spot, K-Spot, R-Spot, Womb Orgasm, Cervical Orgasm, Spiral Spot, A-Spot & G-Spot. The man focus of your Yoni Orgasmic Mapping session is expand pleasure, in other parts of the female body and genitals, where the focus is not concentrated on the Clitoris.

Yoni Orgasmic Mapping Bodywork

U-Spot, K-Spot, R-Spot, Womb Orgasm, Cervical Orgasm, Spiral Spot, A-Spot & G-Spot



To begin your session, we will have a chat and a hot or cold drink. We will discuss how you are feeling after your previous Yoni Awakening Bodywork session. At this stage, you can tell us of any issues which you may be having at home, when you practice your home play?

Before we begin your Yoni Orgasmic Mapping session, we will set written boundaries, to create a safe space in which your female body, can surrender to touch, release stress and safely stay fully present and in the moment. When you are ready to begin your session, we will ask you to go to the toilet and then disrobe and lay face down on our bodywork table. It is totally up to you, if you would like to be draped while laying on our massage table or if you wish to be naked.

We will place our hands over your heart chakraYour Yoni Orgasmic Mapping session by Kinkassage® will begin face down on our bodywork table.  We will place our hands over your heart and base chakra’s, staying open and still, while caring and calming energy flows from our hands and into your body. We will coach you with guided breathing and relaxation utilizing Sexological Bodywork, Kinkassage®, Shamanic, Tantric & Taoist principles.

Your COMFORT and sense of SAFETY is of utmost importance to us and starting face down is a very safe and nurturing position. The session will go, at the speed in which you are most comfortable.  Your session will be un-rushed and you will need to allow 2-3 hours on your first Yoni Orgasmic Mapping session.

Once again, your session will begin face down with relaxing Kinkassage® bodywork . Your Kinkassage relaxation session will go slowly and we will coach you to breathe and surrender into the moment.

After your Kinkassage relaxation, we will begin your external vulva bodywork and once again your Yoni Orgasmic Mapping session will flow into internal Yoni sensual and holistic touch. Your session is geared towards experiencing different types of vaginal orgasms and you will have a chance to feel stimulation of the U-Spot, K-Spot, R-Spot, Womb, Cervix, Spiral Spot, A-Spot & finally the G-Spot. All Yoni Orgasmic Mapping sessions, are based on feeling vaginal and full-body orgasm, instead of focusing strictly on clitoral stimulation and play.

Luminous Energy Orgasms U-Spot, K-Spot, R-Spot, Womb, Cervix, Spiral Spot, A-Spot & finally the G-Spot.It is our desire to begin with a small orgasm and then build up the intensity of each orgasm that you experience. We will teach you how to spread your orgasmic energy, so your session can flow into multiple orgasms.

At the end of your session, we will cover you with a blanket and allow you to relax, re-coup and come back into the here and now. We have shower facilities, if you would like to have a shower.

Before you go home, we will have a chat about how you are feeling, discuss boundaries, we will talk about your orgasmic yoga home practice and I will walk you to your car.

Yoni Orgasmic Mapping Bodywork

Stages of Female Vulva Arousal by Aleena Aspley




  • Session 4, Two Hours+ $400
  • Session 5, Two Hours+ $400
  • Book & pay in advance for 2 sessions $600 (Save $200)




  • Our sessions are Professional & Respectful
  • You will be in a SAFE and clean studio environment
  • Holistic heartfelt & intuitive bodywork
  • Experience trademarked sensual Kinkasage® relaxation
  • Drop into zero brain chatter – great for the lady business professional
  • Profound relaxation into Theta Brain Waves
  • Your body may tingle with our sensate body-touch-techniques
  • Learn sound, breath and movement Tantric coaching to circulate your erotic energy
  • Learn energy presence and intention techniques
  • Learn how to ask for exactly what you want
  • Address sexual issues and limitations
  • Experience Chi Nei Tsang pelvic release techniques to release tension
  • Awaken your female body into ecstatic pleasure states
  • You will be personally coached to experience MORE PLEASURE
  • You will leave my massage studio with a smile from ear to ear.

Yoni Orgasmic Mapping Bodywork

Amrita aka Female Ejaculation


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Yoni Orgasmic Mapping Bodywork