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Brisbane Tantra Massage Women Yoni Mapping Trauma Release with Aleena


Brisbane Tantra Massage WomenAleena, the Yoni Whisperer, Bracken Ridge, North Brisbane is passionate about working with women, couples and people of all genders to awaken full body sensuality and positive sexuality outcomes.  It is every humans god given right to experience more pleasure and bliss either in their relationship, with another, or intimately by themselves.

YONI AWAKENING BODYWORK & YONI ORGASMIC BODYWORK – Powerful full-body, intimate sexual healing can take place when a female can be touched in an intuitive, holistic, safe and caring manner.

Yoni Whisperer Bodywork by Kinkassage® awakens the pelvic floor,  de-armours the pelvic cavity, energizes, increases blood flow to the Yoni and holistically heals feminine energetic blocks from trauma, anorgasmia (the inability to experience orgasm), low sex drive, no libido, pelvic release and genital scar remediation bodywork.

Brisbane Tantra Massage Women




An intimate hands-on session of Heart Connection Kinkassage® relaxation, Vaginal Mapping and holistic pelvic floor release bodywork is the first step in awakening your feminine sexual being.

During your Vaginal Mapping & Holistic Pelvic Release Bodywork session, you will truly feel your body as it is being relaxed and touched intimately, to be in the present moment, aware, stimulated and truly alive.

Brisbane Tantra Massage WomenYour Somatic Yoni Awakening Bodywork session, by Kinkassage®, is a ritual of profound relaxation and the opportunity to awaken the sensual kundalini (sexual) energy, at the base of your female spine.

With expert guidance, Aleena will coach you to relax using breathe, sound, presence and intention. As your personalized session continues, your body may start to tingle as your feminine kundalini sexual energy begins to flow through your entire body.

Throughout your Yoni Awakening Bodywork session, you are given time to feel your body being slowly explored and relaxed SAFELY without goals. A sacred, safe space is created in which your female body can surrender to touch, release stress and feel more alive while staying fully present and in the moment.

Your session begins with a chat, and a beverage, to discuss any issues that you are facing in your personal life. We will discuss several different topics around your sex life, experiencing orgasm, feeling comfortable in your own body, your hormone health, lubrication, if you have experienced sexual abuse or vaginal trauma, vaginal pain from genital scars caused by a medical procedure, vaginal scarring from giving birth, your libido, your ability to let go and surrender during sex or if you have unprocessed injuries which cause Yoni pain, dryness and tension. Any one of these issues can hinder your female ability to experience bliss, pleasure and orgasm in your sex life.

After our chat, about your sexual health, we will chat about the intention of your Yoni Awakening Bodywork session. We will discuss safety, holding space and boundaries, I will then ask you to go to the toilet and I will invite you to disrobe and lay face down on my massage table. It is entirely up to you, as to whether you wished to be draped with a sarong during your intimate session, or if you feel comfortable being completely naked in my female presence.

Your Yoni Awakening Bodywork session, will begin face down on my massage table, I will place my hands on your heart and base chakra’s, staying open and still, while caring and calming energy flows from my hands and into your body. I will coach you with guided breathing and relaxation utilizing Sexological Bodywork, Tantric & Taoist principles.

Your COMFORT and sense of SAFETY is of utmost importance to me and starting face down is a very safe and nurturing position. Your session will go at the speed which you are most comfortable, your session will be un-rushed and you will need to allow three hours on your first appointment.

During your Yoni Awakening Bodywork session, your breathing will slow into deep belly breaths as your body becomes more and more relaxed. My intuition and experience, will guide my hands, as I tune into your body’s luminous energy. I will coach you to breathe deeply and assist you to connect with your circular breath, (in through nose, out through mouth) and flow of energy within your body. My touch is gentle and relaxing, responding to your subtle body’s imbalances and emotional needs, as well as deeper with emphasis on the physical body and relief of muscle tension.

Brisbane Tantra Massage WomenDuring the second half of your Yoni Awakening Bodywork session, I will ask you to slowly, turn over, face up. I will then gently place my hands gently over your heart and lower chakra’s and ask you to breathe and focus on how you feel.

At this stage you could feel blissful, happy, sad, mad, joyous, a wide range of feelings, your mind may wander or think this is silly. I will ask you to give yourself permission to feel what is coming up and to allow yourself to experience these feelings. I will then coach you to breathe, relax and release any negative feelings out into the universe.

When it feels appropriate, I will begin to awaken your upper body with a slow and gentle touch. The breasts are the seat to the Goddess’ sexuality so this is an appropriate place to start. The key here is to stay present to the feeling and not go into fantasy. Imagine that you have never been touched before and simply feel what it feels like receive this slow, gentle touch. Your entire upper body, breasts, belly, hips, inner thighs and legs will be awakened slowly and explored as you continue to breathe. After making sure you are comfortable on your back and feeling safe and connected, the session will gradually flow into external vulva bodywork with organic coconut oil. Your Yoni health is important to me and I wear vinyl gloves, when I give intimate genital bodywork.

Brisbane Tantra Massage Women


Your Yoni / Vulva Bodywork session will go one second at a time, one touch at a time. You will be encouraged to let me know how you are feeling. Often when an intense pleasure or emotion surfaces, we hold our breath. This shuts off our resources and makes it more difficult to move the energy, so if this happens I will gently remind you to continue taking deep breaths. relax, surrender into the moment, and enjoy receiving my caring touch.

It is important to relax the female genitals completely before any internal Yoni bodywork. I will ask permission before entering your Yoni, and one step at a time, starting at the entrance of your vagina, I will begin your intimate holistic bodywork session / massage. I draw on my Sexological Bodywork training, with Ellen Heed (USA) and I will be intuitively feeling for any sore or painful spots that may hinder your body to awaken and experience pleasure.

As your intimate Yoni Awakening Bodywork session progresses, you may feel many emotions, thoughts and feelings, many women start to cry, and I will ask you to put your hand on your heart and if you want, I will ask you to express verbally what you are feeling. I will remind you to continue breathing slowly and release the tension. This is the secret of Yoni Awakening Bodywork, and the reason this type of intimate holistic therapy is very important, to dissolve trauma and to awaken bliss and pleasure, when you are masturbating solo, or having a sexual connection with another human.

Slowly, your Yoni Awakening Bodywork session comes to a close, you will be given time to come back and bask in the wonderful energy that has been created. You will be comforted with light gentle touch all over your body, wrapped in the warm blanket, and allowed to relax and return to the present.

After your Yoni Awakening Bodywork session, I will give you a glass of water and it is now a good time, to have a chat about your experience and how you are feeling.

Before you leave, I will discuss with you some home embodiment practices, that you can do at home, to further initiate your female body to open to more bliss and pleasure.

I recommend at least THREE sessions, of Yoni Awakening Bodywork, to fully receive the healing benefits and pelvic sensual awakening of this specialized feminine bodywork session.



Yoni Orgasmic Bodywork, by Kinkassage®, is a session designed for women who have completed three Yoni Awakening Bodywork sessions. Yoni Orgasmic Bodywork, is a female bodywork technique, which I have developed and refined over the past 7 years.

A Yoni Orgasmic Bodywork session, is a intimate bodywork session designed to open your female body into sublime pleasure and Luminous Energy Orgasms. A Luminous Energy Orgasm, is an orgasm that flows from one orgasm, into another orgasm. (Multi-Orgasmic)

Because of the media’s focus on the clitoris, many women’s orgasms are strictly clitoris focused. A Yoni Orgasmic Bodywork session, offers a woman the opportunity experience many other different types of vaginal orgasms.

It is very important for a woman to feel completely relaxed, and able to surrender, while laying on my massage table. It is my hope that, after three “Awakening” Yoni Orgasmic Bodywork sessions have been completed, that my female client is able to fully let go, forget about her day, and feel pleasure in different parts of her vagina, pleasure that she may have never felt or experienced before!

A Yoni Orgasmic Bodywork session explores vaginal stimulation and awakening of the K-Spot, R-Spot, Womb Orgasm, Cervical Orgasm, A-Spot & G-Spot. The man focus of your Yoni Orgasmic Bodywork session is awakening pleasure, in other parts of the female genitals, where the focus is not concentrated on the Clitoris.



To begin your session, we will have a chat and a hot or cold drink. We will discuss how you are feeling after your previous session. At this stage you can tell me any issues which you may be having between your Yoni Bodywork sessions. I will ask you about your orgasmic embodiment home practices and how you are progressing.  Once again, we will set boundaries before your session, to create a safe space in which your female body can surrender to touch, release stress and safely stay fully present and in the moment. When we are ready to begin your session, I will ask you to go to the toilet and then disrobe and lay face down on my Kinkassage massage table.

Your Yoni Orgasmic Bodywork session by Kinkassage® will begin face down on my Kinkassage table.  I will place my hands on your heart and base chakra’s, staying open and still, while caring and calming energy flows from my hands and into your body. I will coach you with guided breathing and relaxation utilizing Sexological Bodywork, Tantric & Taoist principles.

Your COMFORT and sense of SAFETY is of utmost importance to me and starting face down is a very safe and nurturing position. The session will go at the speed which you are most comfortable, your session will be un-rushed and you will need to allow 2-3 hours on your first Yoni Orgasmic Bodywork session.

Once again, you will receive a relaxing Kinkassage® bodywork relaxation experience while lying face down and then you will turn over and receive my relaxing and sensual touch. Your Kinkassage relaxation session will go slowly and I will coach you to breathe and surrender into the moment.

After your Kinkassage relaxation, I will begin your external vulva bodywork and once again your bodywork session will flow into internal Yoni healing touch. Your session is geared towards experiencing different types of vaginal orgasms and you will have a chance to feel stimulation of the K-Spot, R-Spot, Womb, Cervix, A-Spot & finally the G-Spot. All Yoni Kinkassage sessions, are based on feeling vaginal orgasm, instead of focusing strictly on clitoral stimulation and play.

It is my desire to begin with a small orgasm and then build up the intensity of each orgasm that you experience. I will teach you how to spread your orgasmic energy, so your session can flow into multiple orgasms.

At the end of your session, I will cover you with a blanket and allow you to relax, recoup and come back into the here and now. I have shower facilities, if you would like to have a shower.

Before you go home, we will have a chat about how you are feeling, we will talk about your orgasmic yoga home practice and I will walk you to your car.





  • #1 Tantric Presence, Breath & Grounding External Intimate bodywork
  • #2 Relaxation & Internal Vaginal Mapping to open to pleasure & release trauma
  • #3 Bliss Body Pleasure Mapping combined with more Vaginal Mapping Bodywork
  • #4 Orgasmic Mapping Bodywork (Exploring different Vaginal Orgasms)
  • #5 Exploring, Experiencing & Understanding Tantric Kink with Domination









  • I have over 17 years experience working with Men, Women and Couples
  • My sessions are unique, high-end and Professional
  • I am a certified Sexological Bodyworker™ and Tantra Professional
  • I have been trained by Ellen Heed “Scar Remediation Bodywork Therapy”
  • You will be in a SAFE and clean studio environment
  • I am available Monday to Friday until 9pm
  • I do work occassional weekends – Just ask.
  • Holistic heartfelt & intuitive bodywork
  • Trauma Release Bodywork
  • My trademarked sensual Kinkassage® relaxation
  • Drop into zero brain chatter – great for the lady business professional
  • Profound relaxation into Theta Brain Waves
  • Your body will tingle with my sensate body-touch-techniques
  • Learn sound, breath and movement Tantric coaching to circulate your erotic energy
  • Learn energy presence and intention techniques
  • Learn how to ask for exactly what you want
  • Address sexual issues and limitations
  • Dissolve vaginal scarring from birthing trauma & sexual assault
  • Experience Chi Nei Tsang pelvic release techniques to release tension
  • Awaken your female body into ecstatic pleasure states
  • You will be personally coached to experience MORE PLEASURE
  • You will leave my Yoni Whisperer bodywork studio feeling relaxed and refreshed.


  • Sexological Bodywork™ & Somatic Sex Education
  • Orgasmically Yours – Sacred Sexuality Workshops for Adults of all Genders Brisbane
  • Tantric Healing, Movement Sound and & Breathwork
  • Shamanic De-armoring & Bodywork
  • Trauma Release Bodywork
  • Yoni Awakening Bodywork by Kinkassage®
  • Yoni Orgasmic Bodywork by Kinkassage®
  • Yoni Domination & Sensation Bodywork by Kinkassage®
  • Scar Remediation Bodywork – Dissolving scar tissue which limits pleasure
    • Cesarean
    • Episiotomy
    • Myomectomy
    • Hysterectomy
    • Traumatic Birth Canal Scarring
    • Any other scar tissue that is causing you problems


Brisbane Tantra Massage Women


Aleena – North Brisbane,

Certified Somatic Sexologist, Tantra & Kinkassage® Professional

Brisbane Tantra Massage Women

Location:  North Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Mobile: 0404 449 433  (TEXT ME TO BOOK)

International: +61 404 449 433  (TEXT ME TO BOOK)



BOOKINGS: Do SMS my phone, with your name, and ask me to call you back.

BY APPOINTMENT: I am available Monday to Friday until 9pm. I do work occasional weekends, so just ask if I am available.

Do book in advance because my booking diary fills up quickly.

PLEASE NOTE: If you don’t live in the Brisbane area then I will recommend a Certified Somatic Sexologist (Sexological Bodyworker) or Tantra Professional in your area of Australia.

Brisbane Tantra Massage Women

Brisbane Tantra Massage Women


Hi Aleena, I hope all is well in the very unique and beautiful lifestyle you have chosen.

I just wanted to say thanks again, for the amazing experience and world you have introduced me to. When you said, it could bring emotional things up, you were certainly right. It has been a long couple of confronting weeks and I am finally getting back on track.

I have written some feedback for your Yoni Whisperer website, but I can’t seem to post it anywhere, so I have typed my testimonial on your Facebook Kinkassage page. You can copy and paste my testimonial if you like.

“Wow, forget the massage boutiques that cost anywhere up to $500 for an hour, my unique Yoni Massage was reasonably priced and the most sensational experience I have ever had both emotionally, physically and mentally!”

I have really struggled to write a review about my Yoni massage as I didn’t want to sound corny or over dramatic…but the Yoni massage I received, a couple of weeks ago off Aleena Aspley, through the Kinkassage website was incredible. I felt free, powerful and sensational for hours after my session.

I originally booked out of interest, to learn an art form about my body, and how to please myself and feel sexy again after a nasty separation, desire and intrigue. I was treated with the utmost respect and massaged by the hands of a real professional with the touch and guidance of an angel.

Aleena opened boundaries that I have held guarded for most of my adult life and she has released emotions that I believed I had buried and forgotten. Weeks on and I am sexually free and released the blockages that had been holding me back in and out of the bedroom.

I would highly recommend booking a Yoni Massage, anything from the Kinkassage, Aleena Aspley or Yoni Whisperer websites. I personally will be going back for more bodywork, especially for a couple’s session.

The human body is such a beautiful and sensual creation. Aleena knows the ins and outs, and makes the experience one that you will never forget. One for the bucket list.

Thank you Aleena for everything you have done for my soul inside and out. Namaste, Mands Qld 11/3/15


Hi Aleena, I just wanted to follow up today’s appointment with an appreciation message.
It was a truly profound experience for me and I get really emotional just thinking about it. I feel completely exhausted and emotionally drained tonight but in the best possible way. You have a true gift and I really do look forward to visiting again soon. Thank you for your energy, guidance and selfless pleasure.
You have helped my healing process emotionally, physically and mentally and have broadened my acceptance and openness to future experience and pleasure.
Thank you! Erin 10-May-2016

Awesome doesn’t begin to sum up the experience I have had this evening in the very capable and safe hands of Aleena! I am a 38yo female, professional in the Health Care Industry and sought Aleena’s help as I don’t think I have ever truly achieved an orgasm in the last 20 years and after tonight’s events, I now know that was true. I spoke to Aleena earlier today, discussed my concerns and then she talked through the different options I could consider. I then chose to experience the “Luscious Arousal, Exquisite Orgasm & internal Yoni Bodywork” session.

From the moment I met Aleena, I found myself in a professional, safe environment and found it very easy to discuss my problems,concerns, then relax and lose myself in the process. 3 hours of pure bliss, multiple orgasms and to my amazement and delight, I achieved female ejaculation, not once but twice. All previous sexual experiences have been wiped clean, as tonight has redefined my experience of sexual satisfaction and orgasmic bliss. It is several hours later and I am still riding on a wave of serenity and contentment……My advice ladies, what are you waiting for? – come and enjoy the world of full body orgasmic delight. Best money I ever spent and I know that I deserved to learn this level of ecstasy, as do you….. Marie 1/7/14


Hello Aleena – Firstly, thank you for taking me on a very amazing afternoon. I came with a lot of apprehension and nervousness. You put me at ease quickly and guided me on an afternoon of pleasure, I have never experienced before. Without sounding cliché it was truly orgasmic; fingers and hands tingling pleasure…to be exact. I don’t think my Cosmopolitan magazines and box-set of “Sex and the City” could have prepared me enough for this. Who would have ever thought, a “prude” like myself would know or feel what multiple orgasms are? Not only did you teach me about my own body, but also that it is okay to be who I am. AMAZING!
Thank you Sandra 16/4/14


Hi Aleena, my friend and flat mate Chris took a Goddess Worship session with you a few weeks ago, while he was visiting Brisbane.

He told me about the session you had with him, and he highly recommends it.  Chris is now able to give his partner consistent orgasms and I want to be able to do the same thing.

I am currently single but whether I am single or in a relationship I want to be able to give women orgasms.  I want to be good in bed.  A lot of men think they are good in bed but that is not the case.

Whatever you taught Chris is working very well.  Can you teach me the same thing?

I live in Sydney but would be willing to go to Brisbane to take a course if needed.  Please let me know.  Thank you and have a good day. Kevin 27/4/14


Hi Aleena, I just wanted to say thanks for your great Tantra Massage / Yoni Bodywork session last week.

You are such a nice, friendly lady and your smiley face made me feel safe and comfortable to talk to about my past sexual experiences.

The goal of my Tantric / Yoni Massage was to awaken my body to female ejaculation. My session was amazingly successful. It was a beautiful and emotionally vulnerable, orgasmic experience that brought tears to my eyes with and unbelievable shakti (female ejaculation) release!

I would like to bring my husband to my session next time. Once again, thanks for your time last night. Sara 11-March-2014


If you want to explore your sexual side in a safe place while learning more about the big endless world of sex then you really must book a session with Aleena!

Aleena helped me to reconnect with a side of myself I had lost touch with over the years due to life having knocked me around. I had my heart broken and sex and my enthusiasm for exploring had all but vanished.

Now I have a renewed positive outlook for the future and a big bright smile on my face as I look forward with excitement to beginning my sexual journey to find out all there is to know with the help of the beautiful inspiring Aleena. Be prepared to be pampered and surprised. You’ll be glad you did it!
Margarete 6-Feb-2014

Been feeling great, thank you.  I enjoyed every minute of my Tantra Kinkassage session.  
Lana 30’s 5-Sept-13

A short note, to thank you for the couples massage.  We found it very educational and, of course, stimulating.  We were both thrilled that Jen was able to squirt.  We have been close to but not quite there on that front for some time and your advice and expert hands made the difference. I appreciated the assistance with better control of ejaculation too – I’m sure that will pay dividends forever.  Thanks again for a great morning  
Paul & Jen 

Thank you Aleena, my session with you was amazing! I loved every minute and sensation. I would recommend every woman find the time and courage to experience a Kinkassage bodywork session with Yoni massage. It will change your life.

I had only dreamed that my body could reach such intensity or that I could let myself go that much. Aleena made me feel safe and comfortable… And able to fully surrender my body and mind to get the most from my experience.
Kellie 45yo 21/5/15


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