Spiritual Awakening Selfish Ego

What is a Spiritual Awakening and the selfish ego a blog by Aleena Aspley, creatrix and owner of Yoni Whisperer Bodywork.

A spiritual awakening signifies a profound shift in one’s perception of the world and a deepening of their spiritual understanding. A true spiritual awakening means acknowledging one’s “selfish ego”.

Spiritual Awakening Selfish Ego

Spiritual Awakening Selfish Ego

Recognizing the signs of a spiritual awakening can vary from person to person, as everyones journey is unique. However, common indicators may include a growing desire for inner exploration and self-reflection, a feeling of disconnect from societal norms, a heightened sensitivity to energies and emotions, and a sense of seeking deeper meaning and purpose in life.

Each person’s spiritual awakening and/or journey unfolds uniquely, guided by their own inclinations and inner calling. Being spiritual is a deeply personal experience that entails attuning oneself to our authentic essence and the underlying workings of the world—an embodiment of living in alignment with our body, mind and spiritual soul.

The transformative process of a spiritual awakening can be seen as a personal self-discovery where we can gain deeper insights into our true nature and discover our life’s purpose.  It can be seen as a journey that encompasses an individual’s personal quest to understand the relationship between their own beliefs and the world they inhabit.

By cultivating the power of intention, nurturing trust in one’s intuition, and embracing the practice of mindfulness, we are able to open ourselves as a seeker of our own personal truth, uncovering our true purpose in life and unlocking the untapped potential deep inside us.


The Ego

In psychology the ego represents the part of our mind that deals with reality and helps us navigate the world. It’s like a mediator between our instinctual desires and our moral values. The ego helps us make rational decisions by considering the consequences and the world around us.

The ego also helps us understand social norms and expectations. It guides us to behave appropriately in different situations. It stops us from saying or doing things that might be impolite or disrespectful, even if we feel like doing so.

Spiritual Awakening Selfish Ego

The Selfish Ego

The selfish ego refers to a state of being in which an individual is primarily concerned with their own self-interest, desires, and needs, often at the expense of others. It is characterized by a strong sense of personal entitlement, a lack of consideration for others, and a focus on satisfying immediate gratification.

When the selfish ego dominates, individuals tend to prioritize their own wants and ambitions above the well-being and concerns of others. They may exhibit behaviors such as selfishness, manipulation, greed, and a disregard for ethical or moral principles. Their actions are driven by a self-centered perspective that seeks personal gain and advantage, often without regard for the consequences or impact on others.


Releasing the Selfish Ego

Opening to a spiritual awakening invites us to recognize and address our selfish ego by examining our self-awareness, empathy, and compassion. Releasing the selfish ego requires a willingness to reflect on one’s behavior, motivations, and the impact that we have on others.


Spiritual Awakening Selfish Ego


33 Ways to Activate your Spiritual Awakening

Awakening spirituality is a personal and unique journey, and there are many ways to approach it. Here are 33 suggestions:

  1. Yoni Mapping Bodywork: YMB, a form of NEO Tantric energetic bodywork, can enhance personal growth, remove emotional blockages, release trauma and open an individual to explore her sensuality, her spirituality and the erotic potential of her feminine body.
  2. Yoni Orgasmic Mapping Bodywork: The experience of an expanded and powerful orgasm can be a profound experience, and for some individuals, it may evoke feelings of spiritual connection or transcendence. In moments of intense pleasure and release, some women awaken to a sense of unity, timelessness, a glimpse of something greater than themselves leading to a heightened state of consciousness and a feeling of expanded awareness. 
  3. Meditation: Practice quieting your mind and focusing on the present moment.
  4. Mindfulness: Cultivate awareness and non-judgmental observation of your thoughts, emotions, and surroundings.
  5. Nature connection: Spend time in nature, appreciating its beauty and connecting with its energy.
  6. Journaling: Write down your thoughts, reflections, and feelings to gain insight and self-awareness.
  7. Gratitude: Regularly express gratitude for the blessings in your life.
  8. Yoga: Engage in physical postures, breathwork, and meditation to harmonize your body, mind, and spirit.
  9. Reading spiritual texts: Explore wisdom from various spiritual traditions to expand your understanding.
  10. Creative expression: Engage in artistic activities that allow you to express yourself and tap into your inner wisdom.
  11. Serving others: Engage in acts of kindness and service to cultivate compassion and connect with others.
  12. Mindful eating: Pay attention to the nourishment you consume, savoring each bite and appreciating its source.
  13. Silence and solitude: Spend quiet time alone to reflect, introspect, and recharge.
  14. Mindful movement: Engage in activities like walking or dancing with awareness and presence.
  15. Cultivating loving-kindness: Practice sending wishes of love, compassion, and well-being to yourself and others.
  16. Retreats and workshops: Attend spiritual retreats or workshops to deepen your understanding and practice.
  17. Energy work: Explore practices like Tantra, Reiki or Qi Gong to balance and enhance your energetic well-being.
  18. Chanting or mantra repetition: Use sacred sounds or affirmations to focus your mind and connect with higher states of consciousness.
  19. Deep breathing: Practice conscious breathing exercises to calm your mind and connect with your body.
  20. Contemplation: Reflect on profound questions and ideas to stimulate spiritual growth and understanding.
  21. Community and support: Engage with like-minded individuals, joining spiritual groups or seeking guidance from mentors.
  22. Inner reflection: Take time for self-reflection, questioning your beliefs, values, and life’s purpose to deepen your spiritual journey.
  23. Visualization: Use imagery and visualization techniques to explore and manifest your desires and intentions.
  24. Dreamwork: Pay attention to your dreams, keeping a dream journal and reflecting on their symbolic meanings.
  25. Sacred rituals: Create personal rituals or participate in traditional ceremonies to honor and connect with the divine.
  26. Forgiveness practice: Work on forgiving yourself and others to release emotional burdens and cultivate inner peace.
  27. Mindful technology use: Consciously use technology to support your spiritual growth, such as guided meditation apps or educational podcasts.
  28. Shadow work: Explore and integrate the unconscious aspects of your personality to achieve wholeness and self-acceptance.
  29. Crystal healing: Explore the healing properties of crystals and incorporate them into your meditation or energy practices.
  30. Astrology or numerology: Explore these systems to gain insight into yourself and your life’s path.
  31. Prayer: Engage in prayer or connect with your understanding of a higher power or divine energy.
  32. Sound healing: Use sound therapy, such as Tibetan singing bowls or chanting, to promote relaxation and spiritual connection.
  33. Sacred space creation: Create a dedicated space in your home for meditation, reflection, or spiritual practices.
  34. Mindful listening: Practice attentive listening to others, nature sounds, or calming music to cultivate presence and awareness.
  35. Surrender and trust: Let go of control and trust in the flow of life, surrendering to a higher power or the universe’s wisdom.


Your Unique Spiritual Awakening

Everyone’s spiritual journey is unique, and there is no “right” way to awaken your spirituality. Each individual has their own beliefs, experiences, and paths that resonate with them. It is important to find what works best for you and to approach your journey with an open mind and heart.

Remember, there is no destination to reach, but rather a continuous unfolding and growth. Be patient and compassionate with yourself, allowing space for growth, transformation, and the integration of new insights and experiences along the way. Trust in your own innate wisdom and know that the path to spiritual awakening is a personal and ongoing process.



Spiritual Awakening Selfish EgoWritten by Aleena Aspley 26 June 2023

Owner of Yoni Whisperer Bodywork

Brisbane Queensland Australia