Yoniverse Workshop Brisbane

Yoniverse Workshop Brisbane with Elise and Bonnie. Some feedback by Aleena Aspley Somatic Sexologist Brisbane.

Womens Sexual HealthOn Sunday, I was privileged to experience The Yoniverse Tour workshop by Bonnie Bliss and Elise Savaresse. It was a perfect day of meeting other women, sharing our stories, learning about the vulva, clitoral and vaginal anatomy with a ton of somatic embodiment practices, that the participants can take home and put into their own home practice. I can’t say anymore than this because of confidentiality within the workshop container.


Here is some feedback from me. – I have experienced many Tantric Sex Education workshops, since I began working in the field of holistic sexual coaching. The Yoniverse Brisbane workshop by Bonnie and Elise was one of the BEST workshops I have attended in a long time.

The workshop was easy to understand and not full of “tree hugger jargon”. I applaud Bonnie and Elise, for giving a workshop which every participant understood, for I have attended a few workshops which the facilitators have not taught at a newbie’s level of understanding.

You rock gals Bonnie and Elise 10 out of 10 from me!





Goddess Worship 101Now that I have your attention, it is simply a perfect time to talk about our Yoni’s, female sexual embodiment and awakening, and opening our bodies to experience more pleasure and bliss in our feminine daily lives!

A ‘Yoni’ is the Sanskrit word for the vagina and it means a ‘sacred space’.  There are many Yoni owners who are missing out on pure, sublime pleasure for they experience lack of sensation, numbness, vulva and vaginal pain, vaginal pain due to scarring from trauma and giving birth, lubrication problems, hormone issues and pain and irritation during their sexual play.

All women are wired for orgasm and Yoni pleasure. I know this is true because I have experienced Yoni bodywork myself from my fellow colleagues who are Certified Somatic Sexologist / Sexological Bodyworkers. My Yoni and my whole body has gone from having one orgasm occasionally, to experiencing many different kinds of orgasms. My personal favourite is a cervical / womb orgasm which I describe as a heart-felt deeply ‘sweet’ internal expansive experience. In short, basically, just mind blowing!!!

Yoniverse Workshop BrisbaneIt is very disheartening to suggest that some people with a Yoni are not wired for orgasmic pleasure and much is written in the media about the clitoris being the orgasmic centre of the universe (Yoniverse).

The Yoni and female body is designed for pleasure and if you are a Yoni owner and you are not experiencing pleasure during your masturbation practice or with your partner then there are Somatic Sexologists / Sexological Bodyworkers, on this website, who you can contact to talk to about any issues surrounding your Yoni, sexual trauma and your sex life.


Yoniverse Workshop Brisbane



Do contact me, if you would like to chat about any issues you have with your Yoni, or your sex life. My personal website is called www.YoniWhisperer.com. I am located in Bracken Ridge, North Brisbane.

On this Yoni Whisperer Directory website, you will find many other professional Bodyworkers who are certified Sexological Bodyworkers or Tantra Professionals, who offer Yoni Mapping / Womb Healing bodywork in other parts of Australia, New Zealand or overseas.

The Yoni Whisperer directory is a great place to start researching, if you are interested in Yoni Mapping and Womb Healing.


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Yoniverse Workshop Brisbane

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