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Sacred Power Menstual Blood

Sacred Power Menstrual Blood

Sacred Power Menstrual Blood Menstrual Blood used to be the most Sacred substance on Earth, and now science is discovering its incredible healing power. by Seren Bertrand, Fountain of Life Website, 2012




Gnostic Christians used to call their religion Synesaktism – another word for Agape – which means ‘The Way of Shaktism’, referring to Tantric Yoni Worship.

One of the most important rituals was preparing a ‘drink of immortality’ made from menstrual blood, which is full of healing stem cells, which can actually activate our cellular capacity to regenerate and transport us to endocrine states of rapture. Or in a spiritual sense open us to the Frequency of Love and Eternal Life, transporting us to another Dimension – called Heaven, Paradise, Nirvana etc.

This ‘Love Feast’ or ‘Sacred Marriage’ – a core part of the Menstrual Mysteries – was eventually declared a heresy and women were barred from participating in Christian rites.

However the ‘Power of Renewal, Rebirth, and Resurrection’ previously associated with the Holy Womb and Menstrual Blood of the Divine Mother was transferred to the story of Jesus and his ritual of Eucharist – ‘hic est sanguis meus – this is the Chalice of my Blood’ – where worshippers ‘drank his blood’ to gain the power of Rebirth through him.

In most ancient myths and religions, throughout the world dating back hundreds of thousands of years, the power of rebirth had always been a blessing of the Feminine Womb – embodied and gifted by Sacred Womb Priestesses across many cultures. It had never been held by a man. Although there are many legends about the ‘menstrual powers of female shamans’ being stolen by male gods.


The Holy Grail, in its true original essence, is the Womb.

Sacred Power Menstrual Blood

Women born many, many thousands of years ago in what we might called ‘Original Innocence’ – before many of our genetic capabilities went offline, held this power naturally, as a birthright, shared with their tribes in renewal rituals.

Since those times, once the birthright was lost, women across many lineages and cultures – Womb Priestesses – have practiced many varied ways to heal, clear and open the Womb, so it can once again embody the frequency of Love, of Original Innocence, so that the energetic and physical stem cell capacity can activate purer states of consciousness and activate incredible regenerative healing. This knowledge has been almost lost over the last thousand years, as it has been fragmented, scattered and deliberately destroyed.

Now it is desiring to return, to ‘renew our lands’ as the myths go.

Earlier this year Fountain of Life  met with a top international research scientist working with menstrual blood stem cells. His research indicated they had the capacity to work ‘miracles’. He described how the first time he used Menstrual Blood Stem Cells he felt like he had been ‘reborn’ – an unfit man in his late fifties, he’d had to run around the block because he had so much energy.

Another research scientist in his sixties working with stem cells had experienced his hair change from grey to the black of his youth in a matter of months. Throughout the world, in secret, these experiments are happening – in China, Russia, India, and more.

Whilst women are giving their power away to patriarchal ideologies, taking drugs to stop their menstrual cycle, using cancer-causing chemical bleached tampons to stem the flow, seeing their Menses as an inconvenient ‘curse’ they are ashamed of, male scientists around the world are using the power to experience states of physical and spiritual high.



Isn’t it time we reclaimed our Feminine power? Honoring the sacred regenerative properties of the ‘Flowering’ of our Wombs.

Evidence of the Sacredness of Menstruation throughout all cultures before the rise of the male-dominated patriarchy is well documented….

Yoni Whisperer Bodywork The Maoris stated explicitly that human souls are made of menstrual blood, which when retained in the womb ‘assumes human form and grows into a man


Yoni Whisperer BodyworkAfricans said menstrual blood is ‘congealed to fashion a man’.


Yoni Whisperer BodyworkAristotle said human life is made of ‘coagulum’ of menstrual blood.


Yoni Whisperer BodyworkIn Hindu theory as the Great Mother creates, her substances become thickened and forms a curd or clot. This was the way she gave birth to the cosmos, and women employ the same method on a smaller scale.


Sacred Power Menstrual Blood

Sacred Power Menstrual Blood

Yoni Whisperer BodyworkIndians of South America said all mankind was made of ‘moon blood’ in the beginning.


Yoni Whisperer BodyworkIn ancient Mesopotamia, they believed the Great Goddess Ninhursag made mankind out of clay and infused with her “blood of life.”


Yoni Whisperer BodyworkAdam, from the feminine adamah, means “bloody clay.”  The Bible’s story of Adam was lifted from an older female-oriented creation myth recounting the creation of man from clay and moonblood.


Yoni Whisperer BodyworkIn the Koran’s creation story, it says that Allah “made man out of flowing blood”; but in pre-Islamic Arabia, Allah was the Goddess of creation, Al-Lat.


Yoni Whisperer BodyworkPlutarch said man was made of earth, but the power that made a human body grow was the moon, source of menstrual blood.


Yoni Whisperer BodyworkThe gods were dependent on the miraculous power of menstrual blood. In Greece it was euphemistically called the “supernatural red wine” given to the gods by Mother Hera in her virgin form, as Hebe.


Yoni Whisperer BodyworkThe Great Mother manifested herself as the spirit of creation (Kali-Maya). She ‘invited the gods to bath in the bloody flow of her womb and to drink of it; and the gods, in holy communion, drank of the fountain of life and rose to Heaven


Yoni Whisperer Bodywork‘hic est sanguis meus’ – ‘this is the Chalice of my Blood’ as spoken in the Christian Eucharist refers in origin to the menstrual blood of the Great Mother, not Christ.


Yoni Whisperer BodyworkTo this day, clothes allegedly stained with the Goddess’s menstrual blood are greatly prized as healing charms.


Yoni Whisperer BodyworkFor religious ceremonies, Australian aborigines painted their sacred stones, churingas, and themselves with red orche, declaring that it represented women’s menstrual blood.


Yoni Whisperer BodyworkThe esoteric secret of the gods was that their mystical powers of longevity, authority, and creativity came from the female essence of menstrual blood.


Yoni Whisperer BodyworkThe Norse god Thor reached the magic land of enlightenment and eternal life by bathing in a river filled with the menstrual blood of a ‘giantesses’ — that is of the Primal Matriarchs, the ‘Powerful Ones’.


Yoni Whisperer BodyworkOdin acquired supremacy by stealing and drinking the ‘wise blood’ from the triple cauldron in the womb of the Mother-Earth, the same Triple Goddess known as Kali-Maya in the southeast Asia.


Yoni Whisperer BodyworkOdin’s theft of menstrual magic paralleled that of Indra, who stole the ambrosia of immortality in the same way.


Yoni Whisperer BodyworkSoma was produced by the ‘churning of the primal sea’  – representing the menstrual blood of the Mother Goddess. It was drunk by priests at sacrificial ceremonies and mixed with milk as a healing charm.


Yoni Whisperer BodyworkIn an ancient ceremony called Soma-vati, women of Maharastra circumambulated the sacred female-symbolic fig tree whenever the new moon fell on a Monday, the scared day of the Moon.


Yoni Whisperer BodyworkThe Mother Goddess under her name of Lakshmi, gave Soma to Indra to make him king of the gods. His wisdom, power, and curiously feminine capacity for pregnancy, came from Lakshmi’s mystic drink. The Goddess’s blood became his wisdom.


Yoni Whisperer BodyworkGreeks believed the wisdom of men or god was centered in his blood, the soul-stuff given by his mother.


Yoni Whisperer BodyworkEgyptian pharaohs became divine by ingesting ‘the blood of Isis,’ a soma-like ambrosia called sa. Its hieroglyphic sign was the same as the sign of the vulva, a yonic loop like the one on the ankh or Cross of Life. Painted red, this loop signified the female genital and the Gate of Heaven


Yoni Whisperer BodyworkAmulets buried with the dead specifically prayed Isis to deify the deceased with her magic blood. A special amulet called the Tjet represented Isis’s vulva and was formed of red substance – jasper, carnelian, red porcelain, red glass, or red wood. This amulet was said to carry the redeeming power of the blood of Isis.




Yoni Whisperer BodyworkThe same elixir of immortality received the name of amrita in Persia. Sometimes it was called the Milk of the Mother Goddess, sometimes a fermented drink, sometimes sacred blood. It was always associated with the moon.


Yoni Whisperer BodyworkCeltic kings became gods by drinking the ‘red mead’ dispensed by the Fairy Queen, Mab, whose name was formerly Medhbh or “mead.” Thus she gave a drink of herself. A Celtic name of this fluid was dergflaith, meaning either “red ale” or “red sovereignty.” In Celtic Britain, to be stained with red meant to be chosen by the Goddess as king. Celtic ruadh meant both “red” and “royal.”


Yoni Whisperer BodyworkThe pagan paradise or Fairyland was at the uterine center of the earth, site of the magic Fountain of Life. An old manuscript in the British Museum said the dying -and -resurrected Phoenix lives there forever. The Fountain of Eternal Youth, obviously menstrual, is said to overflow once every lunar month.


Sacred Power Menstrual BloodSacred Power Menstrual Blood

Yoni Whisperer BodyworkThe communion wine drunk by witches was menstrual blood. The famous wizard Thomas Rhymer joined a witch cult under the tutelage of the Fairy Queen, who told him she had “a bottle of claret wine here in her lap,” and invited him to lay his head in her lap. Claret was the traditional drink of the kings and also a synonym for blood; its name literally meant ‘enlightenment.’


Yoni Whisperer BodyworkMedieval romance and the courtly-love movement, later related to the witch cults, were strongly influenced by the Tantric tradition, in which menstrual blood was indeed the wine of poets and sages.


Yoni Whisperer BodyworkIt is still specified in the Left Hand Rite of Tantra that the priestess impersonating the goddess must be menstruating, and after contact with her a man may perform rites that will make him “a great poet, a Lord of the World”




Yoni Whisperer BodyworkWhen a girl first menstruates she is said to have ‘borne the flower’ in India. The English word flower has the significant literal meaning of ‘that which flows’.


Yoni Whisperer BodyworkThe Bible also calls menstrual blood the flower (Leviticus 15:24), precursor of the fruit of the womb (a child). As any flower mysteriously contained its future fruit, so uterine blood was the moon-flower supposed to contain the soul of future generations.


Yoni Whisperer BodyworkThe crucifixion of Jesus, where he was ‘lanced in the side’ and blood poured forth into a ‘Holy Chalice’ is an adaptation of early Menstrual Mysteries, where the Mother Goddess bleeds from her Womb, which is the ‘Holy Chalice’.


Yoni Whisperer BodyworkThe Grail story where many people are bleeding inside the ‘Grail Castle’ is also a symbolic reference to earlier Goddess Menstrual Mysteries.


Yoni Whisperer BodyworkTaoists said a man could become immortal (or at least long-lived) by absorbing menstrual blood, called red yin juice, from a woman’s Mysterious Gateway, symbol of life-giving female energy. Chinese sages called this red juice the essence of Mother Earth, the yin principal that gives life to all things. They claimed the Yellow Emperor became a god by absorbing the yin juice of twelve hundred women.


Yoni Whisperer BodyworkA Chinese myth said the Moon-goddess Chang-O, who controlled menstruation, was offended by male jealousy of her powers. She left her husband, who quarreled with her because she had all the elixir of immortality, and he had none, and was resentful. She turned her back on him and went to live in the moon forever, in much the same way Lilith left Adam to live at the ‘Red Sea’


Yoni Whisperer BodyworkThe Hebrew word for blood, dam, means ‘mother’ or ‘woman’ in other Indo-European languages (e,g. dam, damsel, madam, la dama, dame) and also “the curse” (damn). Therefore the Biblical A-dam means ‘a woman or mother’.


Yoni Whisperer BodyworkAnother common ancient symbol of the blood-river of life was the red carpet, traditionally trod by scared kings, heros, and brides. ‘The Royal Road’ – now favored by Hollywood celebrities, the royalty of our times.




Yoni Whisperer BodyworkTaoist China considered red a sacred color associated with women, blood, sexual potency, and creative power. White was the color of men, semen, passivity, and death. This was the Tantric Idea of male and female essences: the male principal is seen as ‘passive’ and as the female principal as ‘active’, the reverse of later patriarchal views.


Yoni Whisperer BodyworkThe Maori rendered anything sacred by coloring it red, and calling the red color menstrual blood. Andaman Islanders thought blood-red paint a powerful medicine, and painted sick people red all over in an effort to cure them.


Yoni Whisperer BodyworkEaster eggs, classic womb-symbols of the Goddess Eostre, were traditionally colored red and laid on graves to strengthen the dead.  This habit, common in Greece and southern Russia, might be traced all the way back to Paleolithic graves which were reddened with ochre, for a closer resemblance to the Earth Mother’s womb from which the dead could be “born again.”


Yoni Whisperer BodyworkAncient tombs everywhere have shown the bones of the dead covered with red ochre.  Sometimes everything in the tomb, including the walls, had the red color.  J.D. Evans described a tomb on Malta filled reddened bones, which struck fear into the workmen who insisted the bones were covered with “fresh blood.”


Yoni Whisperer BodyworkA born-again ceremony from Australia showed that the Aborgines linked rebirth with the blood of the womb.  The chant performed at Ankota, the “vulva of the earth,” emphasized the redness surrounding the worshipper.


Yoni Whisperer BodyworkGreek mystics were “born again” out of the river Styx, otherwise known as Alpha, “the Beginning.”  This river wound seven times through the earth’s interior and emerged at a yonic shrine near the city of Clitor (Greek kleitoris) sacred to the Great Mother. Styx was the blood-stream from the earth’s vagina.


Yoni Whisperer BodyworkSymbolic death and rebirth were linked with baptism in the waters of Styx, as in many other sacred rivers the world over. Jesus himself was baptized in Palestine’s version of the Styx, the river Jordan.  When a man bathed seven times in this river, “his flesh came again like unto the flesh of a little child” (2 Kings 5:14).


Yoni Whisperer BodyworkGnostic Christian’s believed that the passage in Revelation, “I saw the tree of life with its twelve kinds of fruit, yielding its fruit each month” (Rev. 22:2), was an allusion to the monthly incidence of the female period.





Yoni Whisperer BodyworkThe Sufis, who also practiced Yoni Worship, associated female embodiment with red, and the male counterpart of ‘consciousness’ with white.  Red and white colors alternated in the Sufi halka or magic circle, called the very hear of Sufism. The Arab rosary of alternating red and white beads had the same meaning: men and women coupled around the circle.


Yoni Whisperer BodyworkIn most European folk dances Red and white were the colors worn by alternating female-and-male dancers in the witches’ “fairy ring” of pagan Ireland, where the Goddess was worshipped under the same name as the Tantric earth mother, Tara. The dance moved counterclockwise or moonwise, and the Red and white colors represented the fairy world – or ‘enlightened’ consciousness.


Yoni Whisperer BodyworkThe rites were often governed by old women, due to the ancient belief that post-menopausal women were the wisest people because the permanently retained their “wise blood.”


Yoni Whisperer BodyworkAs a medium of reincarnation, menstrual blood was sometimes called a remedy for death itself.  In the tale of Childe Roland, the elven-king roused men from the magic sleep of death with a “bright red liquor.”

List adapted from ‘Women’s Encyclopaedia of Myths and Secret‘ by Barbara Walker

The Sacred Power of Menstrual Blood was written by Seren Bertrand, Fountain of Life, 2012.


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Sacred Power Menstrual Blood



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