The Health Benefits of Distilled Water and The Fountain of Youth


Hello ladies reading my website. I have been asking the universe, how I can amplify my intuitive healing abilities, enhance my psychic abilities and awaken my pineal gland for further enlightenment. This is a YouTube clip that I have been made aware of today. I do suggest watching the whole clip, it is long but worth the watch.

Check out the:

  • 50 minute mark of the clip about awakening light into the human body and enhancing psychic abilities..
  • 1 hour 30 minute part of the clip talking about the pineal gland activation.

What I am looking to correct in my own body: 

  • I want to enhance my weight loss, I have about 20 kilo to lose.  I have got nothing to lose.
  • Mental clarity
  • Amplifying my intuitive healing abilities further
  • Overall health and functioning of my female body
  • Awaken my pineal gland for intuitive healing, clairvoyance and medium ship work
  • Cleanse my body of impurities that do not serve my health

Here are the YouTube Clips to watch to draw on your own opinion:


What distiller should you purchase:

 Uploaded by Aleena Aspley


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