Reality Is 10 Times Better Than You Think – Let’s Play Spot the Difference

This is part 1 of “A Living God/Goddess” blog series.

by Yoni Whisperer Bodyworker Desmond Black, Perth Western Australia

Did you know most of us human beings live in two different realities at the same time? One is the physical reality, the present moment, and the other, the imagined reality in the mind.

Are you also aware that we spend most of our lives in our head, where the reality is a combination of past memories, projected future, mind-made scenarios, fantasies and so on.

I, personally find it very fascinating how my mind can travel into the past in a blink of an eye and bring me different emotions depending on the memory and how I interpret it. If I judge it as a good memory, I’ll be happy.

If it’s not a so good one, I will be feeling some sort of negative emotions. All of that can be happening in the head, regardless of what is going on in the present moment.

I could be happily chatting with my best friend over a pint of beer. All of a sudden, the thought my co-worker handballing her work to me last week, pop up. Now, I’m pissed off.

I went from happy to angry in a split second. Mood swing alert! Of course, most of the time, the process is swift and subtle, we don’t notice it. Also, past is the fuel source of most depression and low self-esteem issues.

Same thing happens with the imagined future in the mind. When you are imagining your first date with a person you find really attractive, it could bring you such blissful feelings. But, when you are thinking some boring chores you have to do, oh man! You get the gist.

I wonder where anxiety comes from…

Let me ask you a question? What is the difference between us and a crazy man talking to himself on the street, mumbling out random thoughts? Nothing! Except we don’t say our random thoughts out loud.

Still, we get dragged around by our thoughts like a leaf in the wind every day, from the moment we wake up till we fall asleep. Is it really living?

The depression and suicidal rate in first world countries, these days, are alarming.

We will dive into more awesome stuff that will help you live a more meaningful and blissful life on later blogs. For now, I just want you to be aware of the two different worlds we are living in simultaneously.

It’s easy! You don’t need discipline or strong will. You don’t need to analyse or judge either. You don’t even need to change anything. You get to play a fun game.

It’s called spot the difference. You have played it or at least seen it somewhere. It looks like this.

You have to find the differences between two (almost) identical pictures.

Only this time, you are going to spot the difference between your thoughts and present moment. You can play this whenever and wherever.

On the practical level, it will bring you the benefits of focus, awareness, centeredness and calmness. On the spiritual level, you will become conscious enough to tune into your energy body. This is just the surface level of benefits.

The rules are simple. No judging and no analysing. Both of them will lead you to hop on the train of thoughts. If it does happen, come back to the game. All good, no harm done!

Okay, let’s test this. Don’t try to hard!

Start the game by asking yourself the following simple questions, but don’t answer them with your mind. Just feel it.

  • How is my physical energy level? Am I tired or energized? Relaxed or restless? Wakeful or sleepy? (don’t use your mind, instead, feel)
  • How is the weather around me? Is it hot, warm, windy or cold? (can you feel it on different parts of your body?)
  • What sound can you hear? Birds, shower running, cars in the distance, low thumping music from neighbours? (don’t analyse)
  • How am I breathing? Long and deep, or short and rapid? (you don’t have to change anything)

You can use similar questions, and the answers don’t have be answers. These questions are just to bring you into awareness, into the present moment. Now, that you are at least 40% in the actual reality, spot the difference between the present moment and the thoughts in your head.

How many of your thoughts are actually valid? The more you do, the more you will realize that we waste so much of our lifetimes on invalid mental activities.

The beautiful thing is once you are aware of the present reality, you don’t have to do anything to get out of your head. Once you realize you are unconscious, you become conscious.

Stay tune for part 2 of “A Living God/Goddess” Blog series – “Meet the villain behind the curtains” by Desmond Black


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