Maroochydore tantra massage women with pauline ryeland sexological bodyworker

Pauline Ryeland Sexological BodyworkerYour sexual energy is your life force and when it not fully activated it can effect you in all areas of your life including, health, emotional well being, relationships, intimacy, work and finances. Pauline is passionate about raising your sexual vibraton or energy so that you can live life fully. It doesn’t matter with you are single or in a relationship. You can learn to use your sexual energy in many ways in your life, not just as an added boost in the bedroom.



Pauline works with women who are experiencing challenges in any area of intimacy, relationships, sexuality and sex. She works with women who have challenges experiencing orgasm, lost interest in sex and who are carrying the woundings of sexual abuse. As well as women who are wanting deeper connections with themselves and / or partners & who want to take their intimate lives to a deeper level.

Maroochydore Tantra Massage Women

Lovers enjoying sensual touchPAULINE USES A COMBINATION OF:

  • Sex education
  • Specific exercises
  • Breath work
  • Essences
  • Energy healing
  • Releasing pain from the body
  • Psychic-kinetic massage



To enable women to experience orgasm who are unable to;

  • Experience deeper orgasm
  • Experience body orgasms
  • Increased energy
  • Releasing sexual trauma from the body
  • Heal past woundings from relationships



  • Connecting deeper together sexually and spiritually
  • Chakra merging



  • Clearing sexual and relationship challenges
  • Aligning and balancing your mind, body and spirit
  • Releasing cellular memories from the body
  • Increasing orgasmic & sexual energy flow
  • Emotional releasing
  • Increasing vitality and energy
  • Expanding creativity
  • Opening to bliss


“I am passionate about people living full vibrant sexual lives. When your sexual energy or vibration is raised everything in life flows. You will have more vitality, more energy, better health, better relationships, better business and productivity and more cash flow.”


Pauline RyelandMs Pauline Ryeland
Certified Sexological Bodyworker / Somatic Sexologist
Tantra Professional
Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia
Mobile: 0411 701 594

Maroochydore Tantra Massage Women

Pauline Ryeland, is an Intimacy Whisperer and works as a Relationship & Intimacy Coach & Educator. Pauline sees men & women, singles or couples who are experiencing challenges in any areas to do with intimacy, relationships, communication, sex & everything in between.

Pauline teaches Tantra to couples to deepen their intimate connection and love making.  She also works with libido challenges for both women and men as well as helping men overcome their sexual performance challenges.

Pauline Ryeland is also a Certified Sexological Bodyworker, Somatic Sexologist, Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Advanced Subconscious Reprogramming & Errikson Hypnotherapy, a Results Coach & Performance Consultant.

Pauline has trained with Kenneth Ray Stubbs, the Sexual Shaman as well as trained with Barbara Carrellas around spiritual orgasm.  She is also a Reiki & Spiritual Healer, Angel Intuitive, Crystal Healer, Tantric Energy Body worker, does Access Consciousness -The Bars & Healing Massages.  She also draws on her experience in Spiritual Sexuality trainings as well.

She combines all of these skills into a giant melting pot and adds her own blend of NLP practices, coaching and processes together with general education around intimacy, connection & sex.

Do let Pauline know you found her on the Yoni Whisperer Website

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