How to do Kegel Exercises

by Michelle Kenway (Australia)

Kegel Video – Advanced Kegel Exercise Workout for WomenKnowing how to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and exercise safely is challenging, especially if you are living with pelvic floor problems.

Pelvic Exercises, online video exercises and Health Professional information helps you strengthen your pelvic floor, choose safe fitness exercises and avoid unsafe abdominal and general fitness exercises.

Incorporating kegel exercises into your everyday routine can help ward off pelvic floor problems, including urinary incontinence, and is beneficial for women who have difficulty achieving orgasm.

Many things can lead to weakened pelvic muscles, but if you do kegels regularly they can regain strength. It takes some effort and time to learn how to do kegels properly.


  1. While urinating, try to stop the flow. This tightening is the basic move of a kegel. However, don’t use this as your regular kegel exercise routine. Doing kegels while urinating can actually have the opposite effect, weakening the muscle.
  2. Place your finger in your vagina and squeeze your muscles. You should feel the muscles tightening and your pelvic floor move up. Relax and you’ll feel the pelvic floor move back again.
  3. Tighten and Relax these muscles daily.  Try and work up to 100-200 times a day.  Or you can choose a certain thing to associate with them – for instance, kegel at every red light you come to, or every time you open the fridge.
  4. Get into a comfortable position. You can do these exercises either sitting in a chair or lying on the floor. Make sure your buttock and tummy muscles are relaxed.
  5. Concentrate only on the pelvic floor muscles and try not to tighten any other area of your body. Breathe normally during the exercise.
  6. To do a quick kegel, quickly squeeze the pelvic floor muscles and release 10 times in a row. This should only take about 10 seconds.
  7. To do a slow kegel, squeeze the pelvic floor muscles for 5 seconds and release. Do this 10 times. It should take about 50 seconds to complete a slow kegel.
  8. To perform a pull-in kegel, think of your pelvic floor muscles as a vacuum. Tense your butt and pull your legs up and in. Hold this position for 5 seconds and then release it. Do this 10 times in a row. It should take about 50 seconds to complete.
  9. Imagine you are trying to hold back urine; lift and squeeze from the inside. Try and hold that action for the count of three. Imagine that you are trying to stop yourself from passing wind; lift and squeeze your anus and hold for a count of three. Combine those two movements into one fluid movement. Starting from the front, lift and squeeze, don’t let go, follow through to your anus, lift and squeeze. [[Relax|Relax]]. Hold this position for 10 seconds. Rest for 10 – 20 seconds and repeat.
  10. Work towards 12 strong holds and as it starts to become easier, try holding for longer, and repeat as many times as you can.
  11. Ask for help if you don’t think you’re doing kegels properly. One of our Somatic Sexologist on this website or a doctor can help you identify and isolate the correct muscles to perform the exercise.
  12. Perform kegel exercises regularly, about 3 or 4 times a day.
  13. Expect results in a few months if you do kegels regularly. For some women, the results are dramatic; for others kegels prevent further urinary tract problems.
  14. You can practice more complex Kegels after mastering the basics.  Tighten up and down the vaginal barrel progressively.


== Tips ==

  • You can preform slow and quick kegel exercises any time and no one will be aware of what you are doing. Some women find it easy to incorporate them into their routine while driving, reading, watching TV, talking on the phone or sitting at a computer.
  • Try not to hold your breath, squeeze your buttocks or thighs, pull your tummy in tightly, or push down instead of squeezing and lifting.
  • Pregnant women can perform kegel exercises.
  • As you become more confident with these exercises, you will find that you will be able to do them standing up. The important thing is to keep practicing throughout the day and you can do them while you’re washing the dishes, waiting in a queue, or even sitting at your desk in the office, during television show commercials, or when you are stopped at a stoplight while driving.
  • Imagine your lungs are in pelvis and relax perineum on inhale and draw up on exhale.
  • Try to eat healthier foods too.




Pelvic Exercises was founded in 2009 by Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist Michelle Kenway who recognised the need for women to have better access to high quality professional information about pelvic floor safe exercise and pelvic floor health.

Many women worldwide are unable to access health professional exercise information. Michelle set about making this information freely available to women through her news media articles, online videos and her internationally acclaimed pelvic floor safe exercise program Inside Out. The popularity of her online articles and videos has helped to develop a worldwide community of like-minded exercising women, exercise instructors and health professionals in recognising the importance of pelvic floor safe exercise for women.



Kegel Video – Advanced Kegel Exercise Workout for WomenMichelle Kenway is an Australian Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist. She is a lecturer, writer and exercise instructor for women. Her long-term experience as a private practitioner and hospital-based consultant Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist have provided her with unique understanding of the health and fitness challenges confronting women through their various life stages. Her post-graduate Physiotherapy studies in both Women’s Health and Women’s Exercise furthered her understanding of evidence-based exercise particularly in relation to pelvic floor safe exercise for women.

Michelle currently lectures and presents to community groups and is proud to be associated with the Continence Foundation of Australia. She was instrumental in establishing the Pelvic Floor First Australian Government funded safe exercise initiative. Michelle currently lectures to fitness professionals about pelvic floor safe exercise delivery in mainstream fitness for their professional accreditation on behalf of Pelvic Floor First. She has also lectured widely to Australian medical specialists and physiotherapists on the importance of pelvic floor safe exercise for women.

Michelle conducts weekly exercise classes for physical rehabilitation, strength training, bone health and pregnancy. Her many exercise participants have included women with a range of physical challenges including; pelvic floor problems, post-operative pelvic floor surgery, osteoporosis, long-term musculoskeletal problems, general health problems and illnesses including breast cancer, diabetes and arthritis.

In addition to her professional experience, Michelle is also a mother of two boys so she understands the physical challenges and demands placed upon the body with motherhood and beyond. She particularly enjoys staying active exercising outdoors with her family.

Michelle is committed to providing all women with access to quality professional information and support to help them exercise appropriately for their own body regardless of their age or stage of life.

Michelle’s Website Click Here

Pelvic Exercises gives women access to quality health professional information to empower them to stay active and exercise safely for their pelvic floor health, and overall physical strength, fitness and wellbeing.


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