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My Latest Adventure and Training by Lara Catone

Six weeks ago I stepped into my official journey toward becoming a certified somatic sexologist and sexological bodyworker.

I have had over a thousand hours of yoga training and spiritual studies with some very powerful and brilliant teachers.  My training as a doula and midwife assistant also expanded the ways I experience the world as has every baby I have witnessed be born and every mom I’ve seen give birth.  Over the past ten years I have seen my body, mind and emotional patterning change.

The sexological bodywork training is the most intensive of any training I have done before.  I am going deeper within than I ever knew was possible and experiencing rapid–seemingly instantaneous–transmutation of old ways of thinking and feeling and healing in my body.

What is somatic sexology and sexological bodywork?

Somatic means of the body or within the body.  Sexology is the scientific study of sex.  So, just as the sex therapist’s medium for healing is the mind, the somatic sexologist’s medium for healing is within the body itself.  Sexological bodywork encompasses the wide range of modalities we incorporate in the education and coaching process including breathwork, conscious movement, touch, erotic energy cultivation, pelvic release bodywork, scar tissue remediation and orgasmic yoga coaching.

What differentiates sexological bodywork from other types of bodywork and therapies?

Sexological bodywork is unique in that we are able to bring therapeutic touch everywhere on the body including, and especially, all areas of the pelvis, genitals and anus.  The implications of this for healing and learning are enormous and I become so impassioned by all of the possibilities.  Here, I will give just a few examples.   The muscles of the pelvic floor (PF) are the most important muscles in our body in my opinion.  The PF muscles support our internal organs, are the super highway between the lower and upper half of our bodies, they relate directly to many nerve pathways and of course sexual function.  In normal massages these muscles are covered up by draping with sheets and not accessed because they are considered an “off limits” area.  In sexological bodywork we access these muscles both externally and internally through the anus and vagina.

Here’s a personal example of how this has affected my well being.  For months I was waking up in the middle of the night unable to move because my neck was in spasm.  Recently, as part of my training, I began doing self pelvic massage as well as receiving some sexological bodywork sessions.  All of a sudden my chronic neck pain is gone and I am sleeping through the night!  The only thing that changed in my routine was this pelvic work.  I also witnessed a similar unwinding with a client who had chronic shoulder/neck pain that changed instantaneously as I pressed a spot on her pelvic floor.

What I am most excited about for my practice is addressing scar tissue in the abdomen and pelvis.  Scar tissue can be caused by surgeries, infections, childbirth, endometriosis, trauma, injuries and illness.  Scar tissue is disorganized, it travels throughout the body and creates stress that can cause pain, limit movement and effect the functions of internal organs like digestion and fertility.  The scar tissue work was developed by my teacher, Certified Sexological Bodyworker, Ellen Heed who is a pioneer in both technique and raising awareness of the effects of scar tissue in the body.  I have met so many women whose core strength and sexual wellness were being compromised because of unaddressed scar tissue.

Sexological bodyworkers also create a safe container to work with arousal and erotic energy for healing and transformation.   We empower people with the tools of embodiment, of understanding and integrating sexuality, within a full mind, body, heart and spirit perspective.


I invite you to notice how you feel right now.  To reflect on your thoughts and feelings while reading this.  There is a good chance that even the idea of sexological bodywork triggered feelings of discomfort, resistance and sexual shame.  Everyone is affected by some level of sexual shame.  If you look close enough you will find sentiments of guilt, humiliation, distress or embarrassment wrapped up in your sexual story.  We live in a place and time where sexuality has largely been oppressed worldwide by religions and governments for centuries.  Our models of healthy sexuality are severely limited.  Sex education is beyond basic and perpetuates shame through its narrow view that focuses primarily on the prevention of disease and pregnancy.   (There is a long, long tangent available here from which I shall refrain).

Perhaps the most important aspect of sexological bodywork is that it accesses a direct pathway into the shame that we carry in our bodies.  Our sexuality is the heart of our being and shame pervades far beyond our sexual encounters into the many ways we show up–or don’t show up–in the world.

In the untouched places, the dark places, the quiet places rests our greatest potential to be big, be bright and be bold.  These are places where we have great opportunity to make change and to release the habits that keep us small.  Yes, it’s confronting.  Yes it’s scary.  And yes, it’s absolutely liberating!

I am heading off to the residential portion of my intensive where I will be immersed in this work for 10 straight days.  My intention is to be open to all that shows up, to practice excellent self-care and integrate a new level of vulnerability.  I plan to be a fully certified Somatic Sexologist sometime in September.  This work adds many more tools to the work that I have been doing and I am happy to share it with the world.  See you on the other side ; )

You can read the Sexological Bodywork ethical standards and more here.

For information on Sexological Bodywork sessions in LA and somatic sex coaching worldwide contact

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