CHRIS EVEN offers personal services for women in inner-city Melbourne.

Chris Even Melbourne www.ChrisEven.netHis sessions are highly personal and totally about you, however you need it to be:  Playful, highly charged, relaxed, or cautious.  Chris doesn’t bring expectations; he is interested in your experience, taken to whatever level is right for you.

Chris has a reputation for a style that is charming, respectful, attentive and playful.  He offers depth, and that elusive ‘something’ that is often missing from other sexual encounters.

You are offered the following menu of experiences to choose from as a starting point.

Menu of Services

(Times shown include discussion before and afterwards)


“A CHAT PLEASE”  (1/2 Hour)

It can be strange to contemplate an intimate act with someone you haven’t met.  “A chat, please” is your easy way to say hello to Chris, and discuss what you might be after.  See Rates and Etiquette for details.


This allows you to go fully into ‘receive’ mode, opening up your senses of smell, taste, hearing, and touch.  It’s an absolutely delicious way to connect with your body, and it will leave you in relaxed bliss.  Everyone should get to experience this at least once! The Sensory Awakening Ritual is best done naked, and is generally experienced as sensual or sexual.


Sensual and slightly Swedish.  An erotic awakening of your whole body. Conducted without clothing, to a level of intimacy set by you.

Chris Even Melbourne www.ChrisEven.netINTIMATE MASSAGE (1 – 1.5 Hours)

A divine honoring of your body and vagina. Taken at your pace, the mood of this practice is sensual but also light-hearted. You get to experience a variety of different forms of touch and learn more about what you like. A moment for your vagina to take center stage and be honored. The session includes a whole of body warm-up.  It is variously experienced as relaxing, sensual, sexual, or highly charged.


Turn your ‘forbidden’ zone into one of your best friends.  This is a slow, gentle, intimate experience of one of your most erotic, erogenous assets. Depending on what’s right for you, this can be anywhere from deeply relaxing through to orgasmic.  Either way, it’s a deeply healing and grounding experience.




Sensual games can be deeply healing, ecstatically fun, or a little of both.  Individual games will depend on where you’re at and what’s going to be useful, but some of Chris’ favorites include:

  • An undressing ritual: The most fun and meaning you’ve had getting your kit off.
  • “Two Minute Game”, where we take it in turns to ask for something we would like to receive, which the active partner offers for a couple of minutes.  Then we swap.  This simple game teaches communication skills, clarity around whether you’re in giving or receiving mode, and the ability to get very specific about exactly what you want.  The practice can be taken at any level.
  • Introduce a body part:  This deceptively easy exchange involves one or both parties introducing whatever body parts want to be introduced.  This can include history, your relationship to the body part, information on how it likes to be touched and – if appropriate – some experimentation around touch.  It is a profound moment when someone is willing to take the time to really learn about you, and how you like to be touched.
  • Body centered, interactive movement meditations or erotic dance.

Collectively, these games help to reclaim your body and pleasure, focus your skills in learning what you want and asking for it, an in occupying your right to sexual self expression.

INTRO TO KINK / BDSM (1 – 1.5 Hours)(depending on previous experience)

Curious about getting kinky and need a safe way to start?  This can be simply a delicious experience, or partly educational also – teaching you what you need to know to start with edgier sex play (such as the ability to negotiate play, the ability to read and verbalize your own feedback, an understanding of what it’s like to play in the grey zone between pleasure and pain, and the joys of power and control).

This activity can include impact play (such as floggers, spanking, cropping), basic restraints, power dynamics / word play / psychological play, and other interesting activities as agreed beforehand.  It’s done to a level set by you and your feedback is watched closely throughout.


A unique experience of being used as a human drum – spanking meets music!  You – more specifically, your buttocks and thighs – will be used an an instrument, creating sounds and sensations you would not have imagined.

The activity includes boundary setting, the establishment of feedback, a sensual warm-up and light play, and a full experience of being used as a drum.

This activity is more likely to suit you if you’ve already had some experience of being spanked or similar (or you’re feeling adventurous!).  You might find it hypnotic, highly charged, or just plain fun!


This indulgence works through your seven chakras in turn, using a variety of breathing, massage, and visualization techniques.  You don’t need to know anything about tantra or chakras, or even relate to that way of seeing the body – the practice is still plenty enjoyable and useful either as an introduction to the concepts, or as a welcome practice of what you already know. Your choice – fully clothed, naked and oily, or something in between.


You can contact Chris via direct email or on his mobile. Chris will get back to you (by phone or email, according to your preference) within the hour, during business hours. No question is too silly or strange, so please ask anything that is on your mind. You can also leave a message on my mobile.


Chris Even Melbourne www.ChrisEven.netCONTACT ME
Mr. Chris Even (SWA8799XE)
Melbourne Victoria
Phone: 0490 136 877



Chris has made sex a central part of his professional life over the last 15 years.  Having moved a long way through his own journey of liberation, he is passionate about sharing sexual freedom and positivity with others.

He runs private sessions, ongoing classes, and public workshops on various topics including sex, gender, sexuality, tantra, kink, and relationships.  His education comes from a variety of sources including:

  • formal post-graduate level studies in psychology and the therapeutic realms
  • many books, seminars and workshops on western tantra, sex positivety, and kink
  • thousands of hours of focused learning, practice, and feedback.

Chris mainly identifies as ‘sex positive’, meaning he is positive about all expressions of sexuality that are safe, sane, and consensual.

Chris Even Melbourne www.ChrisEven.netPSYCHOLOGY

Chris has been studying psychology (with specializations in sex, gender, and conflict resolution) for most of his adult life. He is currently into his eighth year of formal qualifications, and he brings this therapeutic approach to sessions as required (see ethics).


Chris writes (about sex, gender and equality, the meaning of life), keeps his fitness on (by jogging and cycling), scares and inspires people on the dance-floor, and likes festivals, second-hand quirky things, and music.  Watching him play guitar can be a bit pornographic.  In previous years he’s run about a dozen businesses.

Chris is a vibrant 40-year old caucasian. See also:  Frequently Asked Questions, and Testimonials.

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